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Multiple Teams · Baseball Parents and Players Letter

Dear Parents and players,

Tryouts are fast approaching. With that in mind I want to address a couple items concerning how the team is picked and also our philosophy in choosing the team.

Before I jump into our philosophy, I want to make a couple items clear.  I’ve heard that some people think you have to have a certain last name to make the team.  That is NOT true.  Also, I’ve heard that we cut or keep kids because we like or dislike them and/or their parents.  That is also NOT true.  These two things are NOT part of our philosophy for choosing the team.


For most players, tryouts are not a two day process.  Players who have been in the program have been trying out since day one.  Making the team or being cut is an accumulation of everything a player has done not only throughout tryouts, but also previous year(s) in the program.  As coaches we evaluate baseball specific performances and ability including tryouts, summer ball, fall ball, winter workouts and spring ball.  Additionally, academics, character, accountability, work ethic and whether or not we feel players can accept what we as coaches see as their role, are all taken into account when choosing the team.

The bar has been raised and set.  The majority of players have been working hard, but unfortunately that does not insure them making the team.  I appreciate their effort and willingness to work hard.

I want to say thank you for supporting your son and his endeavors to be a baseball player.  Honestly you have raised good kids.  Throughout the year most kids have worked hard, shown up most the time, and have communicated when they haven’t been able to be at activities.  Thank you to those parents who have helped us hold your kid accountable to these expectations.  I hope this information has been informative.  If you have questions please email me at


Coach Gub and Staff


Thanks to adhering to these requirements:

  1. This needs to be signed and turned into Coach Gub before tryouts
  2. By signing this form it confirms you understand the above information
  3. By signing this form it confirms you understand that if your son does NOT make the team neither you or your son will contact an assistant coach about why they didn’t make the team
  4. By signing this form it confirms you understand that if your son does NOT make the team neither you or your son will contact Coach Gub for AT LEAST ONE WEEK after the final day of tryouts
  5. Player printed Name:______________________________________________________Player Signature: _________________________________________________________Parent printed Name: ______________________________________________________

    Parent Signature: __________________________________________________________

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