Multiple Teams · Register My Athlete shut down June 12-July 25

The Utah High School Activities Association member schools voted to pass a new transfer rule beginning with the 2017-18 academic year. To implement the changes, the UHSAA will shut down UHSAA sport registrations on RegisterMyAthlete from June 12 until July 25.

In the new registration process, transfer students seeking subvarsity eligibility will submit the transfer application to the school in RegisterMyAthlete and the school will verify the student’s eligibility status. Subvarsity eligibility applications will NOT be submitted by schools to the UHSAA, but MUST meet all other UHSAA eligibility requirements before participating at the subvarsity level. Students will be eligible at the varsity level after 12 months from the last day of attendance at the former school provided they meet all other UHSAA and school/district eligibility requirements.

Students transferring for reasons outlined in the new UHSAA transfer rule (see attached), may submit transfer applications for varsity eligibility. All transfer applications seeking varsity eligibility will be passed online from the student, to their new school, to the UHSAA as previously done through RegisterMyAthlete.