Multiple Teams · Fall Sport Athletes: Grades for 4th Term are Important

Fall Sport Athletes:  Just a reminder to keep your 4th term grades up!  The 4th term grades will determine your academic eligibility for Fall Sports.  You MUST have at least a Term GPA of 2.00 or better and not more than 1 F, I or NC for the term.  (NC’s shouldn’t be a problem this term since we are not taking attendance for home learning.)

This is from the UHSAA Handbook:

Scholastic Rule A. To be eligible to participate in Association sanctioned activities, a student:

1. Must be a full-time student in the school he or she intends to represent, or otherwise comply with all Utah State Board of Education dual enrollment requirements;

2. Cannot fail more than one subject in the preceding grading period (for purposes of this rule, a failure in a multi-period subject shall be counted as the number of failures equal to the number of periods in the class); and, must have obtained a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0, for the preceding grading period, based on a 4.0 scale or its equivalent.

a. A student who has failed to meet the minimum requirements set forth shall be ineligible for participation in UHSAA activities throughout the next grading period, provided 2019-20 UHSAA HANDBOOK BY-LAWS 30 however, that deficiencies in the final grading period of the school year may be made up prior to the first term of the succeeding year by any method acceptable to the school district or the member private school. Deficiencies must be made up in the same subject area.

b. Eligibility under this rule is determined when grades are posted. Grades are “posted” when the school registrar enters all grades electronically and are available to students, parents and teachers. In no case may the posting date be more than five (5) school days following the last day of the grading period. Grade changes after the posting date cannot restore lost eligibility, except for a documented clerical error.

c. These scholastic regulations are the minimum required for participation in Association activities. Nothing in this rule shall prevent local boards of education or governing boards of charter or private schools from establishing standards, related with grades, that exceed those of the Association. Any such rule, however, is not binding on the Association.

Incompletes (I), no grades (NG) and no credits (NC) are considered failures and must be factored into the grade point average (GPA) until made up. The GPA must be recalculated once an I, NG or NC has been made up, with the new grade replacing the deficiency. A recalculation of the GPA would also need to be done if deficiencies are replaced during the summer grading period. In order to replace the deficiency obtained during the final grading period, the new grade must be earned in the same subject area and must come from a summer program that has been approved by the school district, charter or private school. Deficiencies, for purposes of this rule, include any letter grade. No other makeup work is accepted to gain academic eligibility during the school year.