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2021 Offseason Schedule/Player, Parent Meeting

1. Practices/Workouts

a. March – May
i. B5 Class (Sophs-Seniors only)
1. Weight room and Main Gym (starting 2/26)
a. Focus – Strength and Agility
Practices (Open Gym) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Starting April 15th)
Tuesday and Thursday (2-4pm) 1 hour in the weight room, 1 hour in the gym.
Wednesday (8-10pm) 2 hours in the gym

Covid Testing-All players need a negative Covid test every two weeks.  You can test at the school or on your own and send it in. The SFHS testing schedule is here: SFHS testing Schedule

Please have your players register on Red Cap before coming to test. Here is the link.

b. June 1st – August 17
i. Workouts/Practices
1. Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 8-10am (starting June 1st)
a. Focus – Team and Individual development/Strength, Speed, and Agility
b. Tuesday-Thursday 1 hr. in weight room, 1 hour in basketball gyms
c. Wednesday 2 hrs. in the basketball gyms

2. Tournaments/Camps

a. Team Scrimmage-SF High School – May 6th 5:00-8:00pm
b. Salem Hills Tournament – May 13-15 ($300 per team) $38 per boy
i. Thurs-Sat (5 games) (Freshmen thru Varsity) Must be paid to the SFHS finance office by May 7th. Make checks out to SFHS BOYS BASKETBALL/ Write SALEM TOURNAMENT in the memo line. If you don’t pay, you don’t play!
c. Los Dons Team Camp – May 24-27 ($40 per boy) Must be paid by April 23rd to the SFHS Finance Office. Make checks out to SFHS BOYS BASKETBALL/ Write LOS DONS BBALL CAMP in the memo line. ($16 for summer uniform, $16 for new team basketballs, $8 for Pizza)
i. After school 2:30-4:30pm (Freshmen thru Varsity) This needs to be a priority!
d. Jr Dons Camp – June 1st-3rd ($20 per person)
i. Tues-Thurs (10am-3pm) – 4th-8th grades
ii. We will have open gym before the camp (8-9:30am). Players are expected to stay and help run the camp.
e. Great Western Classic – Jun 9-12th ($575 per team) $72 per boy
i. Wed-Saturday (Freshmen thru Varsity) More info. to come.
f. Rocky Mtn Showcase – June 24-26th ($500 per team) $63 per boy
i. Thursday-Saturday (Freshmen thru Varsity)

All coaches and players will need AAU memberships
Please send me your AAU Number to my email address when you have it.
More info. to come.
I want Freshman involved as much as possible!
I would love for everyone to be able to play in all the tournaments this summer.
Unfortunately, there is only space for 8 people per team.
I will determine who will be playing on the teams for each tournament. Just
because you play on a team for one tournament doesn’t mean you will play on
that team for the next tournament.
Please do not pay any money to the finance office until I tell you personally to do
so. (All are invited to attend the Los Dons Team Camp the end of May)
Open gyms/scrimmages will help me to determine who will be on what team for
the tournaments/camps. The more you are able to attend the better.
No More Forks Up

“The Strength of the team is the team.” -Quin Snyder

Not one person is above the team. I will always do what is best for the team and
the program. I need total buy in from all involved, players and parents. I believe
this could be a special year if we all buy in.
-Playing time
-Role on the team
I believe this team can accomplish these things because I have seen this team do
these things over the past 2 years.
I am excited and ready to get things underway! I appreciate your support!
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