Boys Varsity Soccer · Not All Thieves Are Criminals – Dons Lose One In Stoppage Time

1 Salem Hills High School
0 Spanish Fork High School
Away   Home
Away Home
Salem Hills High School vs Spanish Fork High School
1 0
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2 1   -

Hugs. Cheers. Backs slapped and fists pumped into the air. But none of those activities and noises was coming from the home team sidelines, bench or on their end of the field today.
In a game that literally came down to the final 1 minute and 40 seconds of play, play that was already 2 minutes into extra time, the Spanish Fork Dons made a brief, but fatal error in marking. The error proved costly as the home team was forced to watch a celebration that they weren’t a part of. The lone Salem goal came at the tail of a blistering 35 minute clinic put on by the Spanish Fork squad. With 71 percent possession and 28 of that 35 minutes spent exclusively on the opponent’s side, the expectation of all watching and on the field was that the Dons were going to defeat their local rivals. But there was no joy in their faces as they watched the Skyhawks exchanging hugs and high-fives. Head coach Shane Ferrin passionately summarized it by saying, “If you’re a homeowner and someone comes into your house uninvited and takes some of your stuff, we call that person a thief, a burglar. We place blame on the thief. We punish the thief. Well, this field is our home. We care about it, we work on it, we protect it, and the stuff associated with it is something we sweat and bleed and cry for. Today our home was broken into and something was stolen from us. It wasn’t sold or traded or given away. It was taken, not earned. Stolen!” When asked why he didn’t think the win for Salem Hills was earned, Ferrin said, “They’re a good team. A very good team. But when our boys can dominate for 30 plus minutes of a half and come up worse than empty-handed, it’s as though we left the door unlocked and a sign on the porch announcing that we have expensive valuables that no one is watching too closely. It’s disappointing to lose in that fashion.”
The match was a tough battle on both sides of the center line with both keepers stepping in to save hard and well-placed shots from powerful players. Don Keeper, senior Jacob Atkinson said of the contest, “We know all their players. We play with them and against them and have been for years. We knew our enemy today, we knew they were capable of punishing mistakes. That’s what they did today.”
“I’m disappointed for our boys. I’m not disappointed IN our boys! That’s been the key difference this season,” said Ferrin. “These young men have my genuine and sincere respect and love. They work harder than any team before them and they need to know that they are leaving a legacy and benchmark for future teams – some of whom are watching them week to week, and day by day. In the end, this is only about soccer the littlest bit. This has always been about the boys and helping them to see the value of team and work and unity. We are helping turn good boys into great men! In that game, we always put a W in the column.”